Vigor should be your biggest concern when choosing plant cultivars

last month

What is vigor exactly? I don't really know the EXACT definition, but the best way I can describe it is how much growth a plant grows in a year. This of course also assumes the plant is growing in a suitable location. A coreopsis planted in full shade is obviously not going to do well (just as an example). This is just my opinion, but vigor should be desired above all else when you're selecting new plant varieties/cultivars. I'm sure there will be dozens of new echinacea, heuchera, daylily etc that come out next year. But I have no interest in babying weak plants. I want something that will grow as big and strong as it possibly can. I don't want another "Mac n Cheese", or "Tiki Torch" echinacea that gets almost no growth whatsoever on it.

Anyways, do you agree with this? Don't get me wrong I'd LOVE to grow a monarda with orange flowers (just as an example), but if it's such a weak grower that it dies in its first year then what's the point? You're just throwing money down the drain. Having said all this, what are your most vigorous new plant varieties you planted this year? Would also like to see some updates in spring to see what survived for you all.

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