Unhappy with outside paint job

Maggie Akridge
4 months ago

We hired a paint company with good reviews who was more expensive because we thought the job would be done well. Now the job is finished and we are NOT happy. I was very clear that we wanted a smooth finish and any trim/fascia pieces should be replaced that needed it. They just painted over broken/rotted areas. He sent his “lead guy” back out here several times but it still looks awful. And the two broken trim pieces can’t be replaced because he can’t find trim to match what we have. So we’re at a cross roads and Im not willing to pay the second half for the lazy work and he’s demanding the money. (they also left dirty rags everywhere, paint chips, splattered trim paint on our painted brick, and so many other annoying little things). I’ll attach pictures to see if I’m just being to particular.

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