Which trim? Should I use trim? HELP! Last decision to make!

6 days ago
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I have no idea how the trims will look based off the stock photos! This is my last decision (I think??), and I can't decide because I'm really bad at visualizing!

I will have a greige shaker style door:

And I'm planning for this style range hood:

And my house has a curved/arched door way to enter the kitchen, and the room next to the kitchen has two arched windows.

Here is the kitchen plan:

We will be matching the crown to the rest of the house, so our crown will look like this (not like the above photo):

The base trim will go around the island and on the bottom of the fridge panel and along the base opposite side.

I have a choice between just plain, flat, square base molding (don't know what it's called) or this one:

I think the plain one would match the doors, but I worry it'll look too plain/basic/boxy.

I was thinking the other one would bring in the more curved look of the door and the hood.

I know I'm way over thinking this, but I think it will give off two very different looks? Are you supposed to match the doors, or the room?

I've been searching and searching but can't seem to find any photos that are close up of base molding so that I can see how a plain molding vs a moulding with a little bead/cut will look. I'm not sure if I like the "cut out stripe" of this decorative one because I feel like it might like look a stripe across the floor?

Does anyone have any photos of either square/flat/plain base molding vs a style like I posted above? I'd love to see a couple photos of it in the room. I'm having a hard time visualizing. I think if I was able to see how they look installed it would be easier to decide.

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