best window replacement manufacturers?

Kimberly Leeman
6 days ago

I'm replacing a 47"x52" picture window with a moveable window. The outside of my house is stucco. I haven't decided which style and I am utterly confused by all the choices. I'd like to know from any professionals what companies you like and which, if any, style of window you recommend. I want a wood interior and grids/grilles. That's all I know at this point! I Don't know if the size of my window works for these styles: but I'm open to sliders, casements (french, outswing) or double hung. Any advice? Are sierra pacific any good? They also sell Quaker, Loewen and Kolbe here (along with all the biggies) - I don't know anything about these lesser known companies. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ANY HELP!!!

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