A 4 week wait to get into a Ferguson showroom!!--a heads up for others

6 days ago

Today I finally decided to venture out to look at some kitchen sinks in person (like most other people I've been cautious and doing most of my shopping virtually). I've sent so much time looking at them online that I know I need to see some sinks in person. So, I headed over to my local Ferguson showroom thinking I could just stroll through and get a feel for different options.

Wrong! When I got there, there was a sign on the door saying appointments were necessary. So I called while standing in front of the door thinking that maybe they could let me in since I wasn't really looking for a salesperson to show me lots of different things and make recommendations. All I wanted to do was to narrow down some different sink material options. No go! Their rules are that any customer has to have a salesperson to escort the customer at all times in the showroom.

When I asked when the next available appointments are, I was told they are four weeks out! I knew remodeling during a pandemic would be a challenge, but I hadn't anticipated the inability to actually make choices in person.

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