What to do with an off centre wall bump-out

Erin McCloskey
6 days ago

Hi there!

I just moved into a new apartment and I have this bump-out wall in my bedroom right behind the bed. It's really annoying as its about 5 inches out from the rest of the wall so its stops my bed from going right against the wall. The closets are built in so cant be moved. The room is quite small and I would like to add some kind of decor to this wall but it has me stumped what to add because its also off centre.

Question is — what do I put on that wall so that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb while also not overwhelming and cluttering the wall? I'm renting so painting is not an option sadly.

A few ideas I'm playing with:

  • Add some framed pictures in different size frames on each side to offset the difference, but maybe this would look cluttered, I'm not sure.
  • Add a decal
  • Or just leave it blank?

Thank you for your help, Houzzers!

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