Need Window Plan Advice & How to Rank these Window Companies/Lines?

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Been reading through old window threads researching window companies and window product lines and features. Doesn't sound like any one company has a consensus for tried and true results.

After talking with various local sales reps and researching, our home will likely use three types of windows to get the best blend of form and function for their various placement and use:

  1. 19 Casement Windows: Impact glass, unsure if going with Aluminum Clad-Wood or Fiberglass-Wood
  2. 22 Awning Windows: Impact glass, considering all fiberglass for these as they will be used in a clerestory as part of a passive heating and cooling design, will receive significant direct heat and weather during some times of the year, and be open more often than the other windows
  3. 7 Sets of French doors and 2 single doors hinged: NON-impact glass (to be able to accommodate thinner stiles re: code, these are all protected from the elements by porches and will have their own hurricane mitigation); unsure if going with Aluminum Clad-wood or Fiberglass-wood
  4. 11 fixed windows/sidelights: some impact and some non-impact depending on their placement, unsure if going with Aluminum Clad-wood or Fiberglass-wood


**Any advice on the above plan as it relates to specific products and/or companies?

**For the experts out there and/or those whom have built or lived in several homes... Knowing window lines and companies shift over time, as of right now, how would you rank the following companies in regard to the overall best combination of window quality as highest priority followed by price and customer service if problems arise?

  • Anderson (E Series for doors/window, 100 Series for Fibrex awning windows - no green ext. color)
  • Kolbe (Ultra for windows/doors, Forgent/Glastra for awning windows - no green in exterior colors)
  • Loewen (local sales rep loves these most for impact, but I just read the laundry list of problems some are having in a recent thread so haven't read further.)
  • Marvin (looking at Ultimate or Elevate for windows/doors and Essential/Ultrex for the awning windows - one green in exterior colors/not as many options as the exterior clad-wood colors.)
  • Sierra Pacific (which some forum members consider garbage and others seem to apparently love; don't see a fiberglass option for the awning windows)
  • WeatherShield (Contemporary Line for French doors, Premium Coastal for the rest, sounds like they don't make a fiberglass option anymore for the awning windows)

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