Discuss painting options / application for welded steel util trailer

Harry Putnam
last month

Hopefully I'm not off topic here:

I want to hear about and discuss painting a welded steel utility trailer I'm building.

I'd like to try to use water based paint (if even feasible) and since I own contractor level airless paint equipment (Graco 210 es), hoping to use that for application.

I haven't kept up with developments in painting products but suspect there may be latex paints

suitable for this.

Googling around I some mention of having to use a special sort of primer to allow the use of

latex paint. But have no experience with that.

Is there anyone here with experience in something similar.

It would consist mainly of hot rolled rectangular tubing. The removal of millscale would be

only that obtained by vigorous application of stiff wire brush on a powerful hand grinder.