Techo-Bloc Freestanding Walls -- Install level or with grade?

last month

Hi everyone!

I'm currently prepping my compacted A-Gravel base for freestanding Techo-Bloc Brandon and Borealis walls to surround a fire pit. @Yardvaark has been an amazing help throughout my journey and has prepared the grading plan below:

My embedment plan for the walls is shown below:

These are the instructions from Techo-Bloc (and I circled the most relevant section):

In case you're interested, this is my progress so far :-)

A few questions:

1.) The grading plan shows that within the fire pit area, there's up to a 3.5" elevation change (i.e. from 32.5" in the NE corner, to 29.0" in the SW corner). I presume that I'm supposed to install the walls perfectly level (rather than following the grade)? In other words, the grading will be accomplished in the area surrounding the wall stones after the wall stones are installed?

2.) If the walls are installed perfectly level then they won't follow the grade in the area -- I guess this implies that the seating wall will be 4" shorter at the NE corner compared to the SW corner?

3.) If the wall stones are installed perfectly level, then should I set the level of the pad based on the lowest elevation point within the fire pit area (i.e. 29.0")?