Close Off Open Layout Living Room

Mylon Weaver
last month

My new house has a living room with 2 large openings. This is making the couch/TV layout difficult. One of the walls has a section where the wall is about 8" into the room. There is an air vent there and I'm assuming the indent is covering the ductwork. This is making me skeptical of placing a couch against that wall and blocking the vent.

My solution was to wall off the opening that exits to the stairs. Then I could place my sectional against that wall and the wall with the window, and put the TV, against the wall with the air vent. I know open concept seems to still be very popular. Would this hurt my resale value? I'm likely staying in this house for 5-10 years.

FYI: The picture with the stairs is the view from entering the front door. I expect most people will enter from the back door since that is where the garage and off street parking is.