What's wrong with my metal accent roofs? (And garage doors...)

29 days ago

They just put the metal accents roofs (don't know their real name) on my house and they don't look that great to me. But I'm not sure why. I just know when I drive around town and see other houses with the same, it looks much cleaner and more finished. Can anyone tell me if I'm just being overly critical because it's my house? Or is it really poorly done? And if so, is it the materials used or the craftsmanship?? I also think the one over the windows needs to be wider and a steeper slant. Help??

While we are at it, also my garage doors don't look great either. I realize now I should have gone with black, instead of trying to match the whites. But I think it goes beyond that- the style is bad maybe? The windows are too close to the top frame? The horizontal lines clash with the vertical board and batten? Should I just paint them black and hope they look okay then? Why do they look so out of place?

Thank you a million!

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