Ted Lasso TV Show - What Color is Rebecca Walton’s Office?

Kathryn White
9 months ago

Hi all -

LOVING Rebecca Welton’s office in the Apple TV show ‘Ted Lasso!’

Any ideas on the wall paint color?

Couldn’t find many still images from an internet search but I think it is sort of a purple-gray?

The other side of her office has lots of lovely gold accents making the whole office feel very modern/mature glam.

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  • Marylee H
    9 months ago


  • Kathryn White
    Original Author
    9 months ago

    Oooou so awesome! Thank you!

  • Marylee H
    9 months ago

  • Marylee H
    9 months ago

  • Georgetteg Melus
    2 months ago

    Does anyone know who did the artwork on the wall behind her?

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