How to divide living and dining room (15x26) + entrance wardrobe?

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Recently purchased a new condo (first 2 pictures are from that condo) and would live some advice on 2 things.

First, this entrance adjacent to the living room and the living room placement (where to put the TV). Enjoy the pictures (decoration is horrible, not mine but the old owner; don't judge)

IMO, An entrance without a wardrobe isn't something you want. There should be a wardrobe in the entrance. I've looked to similar condos in the area (same livable surface) and there seems to be 2 alternatives. I'll tell you my 2 cents for each of it

First one : Budget friendly, no renovations to do, way better then how it is currently. The layout of MY condo (above) is not something I'm very keen of and prefer the TV to the left. But my problem is 1) there's +/- 15ft from the TV to the couch and 2) the TV is kinda IN the entrance. Not the best solution but better. Also, putting the TV on the right wall (as seen in picture up) is limited because of the way the wall is configured as you can see in the top right corner of the picture (the wall is not straight). Also, there's no wardrobe.

Here's a plan view of the condo shown above.

Second option : adding a wardrobe in the entrance seems like a good move but does remove from the open space the condo has to offer. Also, it seems weird to enter a condo and seeing the back of the couch. In my head, it is way more inviting to enter the condo with the blue chairs (above) then the one under. But this configuration seems to solve the problem with the wall not being straight. Still, not the ideal solution. Some questions do come up in mind : is it better to put the wardrobe on the left hand side when entering giving the opportunity to switch the living room around (TV on the wardrobe wall, couch where the TV is at right now)

THEREFORE : Wanted your advice on how would you guys design the whole thing? Do you like what you've seen above? Do you have better ideas in your head? Shoot them up. This opens the discussion about the second thing I'm having troubles with.


Second advice is related to the open living area. I know the tendance is having large open areas, but this one seems little TOO open

I'm not a big fan of having the living room and dining room in one big area and would like to "close" things up a little without building a wall. I've watched some TV shows and I've came up with 3 ideas


First one would consist in adding a structure in between the living room and dining room to put the TV on without creating a big wall. Here's 2 examples


Second would be creating a entry hall giving the opportunity to put a wardrobe and TV on the entry wall (like mentioned above). Because I wouldn't to build a full wall, adding some bars (second) picture would create the openness desires + place to mount the TV on.


Third and final option, would be to create a desk on one side of the dining room + TV on the other side.

THEREFORE, which idea do you guys think is the best. There's no right answer I know, but would love to know if you have other ideas in your head.

If you've made it that far, thank you. Really appreciate your help.

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