Combo Convection/Microwave can it replace Toaster Oven & Air Fryer?

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last month

So I'm thinking of replacing my OTR microwave with a combo microwave with convection. It would be nice to have another oven every now and then, but mostly I wondered if I could use it for the things I currently use my toaster over and air fryer for so I could get rid of them! Would a convection MW reheat pizza quickly, while keeping it crisp? Would you be able to get crispy french fries vs soggy? Of course my regular oven does these things but it takes forever and I wondered if the smaller MW would do these things and be able to do them at least as close to as quickly as a toaster oven or air fryer would? They are not inexpensive though, so I don't want to waste money on one if they won't replace some things and help free up some space in my kitchen.

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