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How to make buider blah exterior more attractive?

August 9, 2013
Garage dominates, front door receeds, no color (white vinyl siding) ugly windows.Interior is light and airy in lakefront golf course community! What to do?

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  • PRO
    Granite Grannies
    What about a flower box between the window and the garage? This will distract the eye from the garage!

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  • krystinac
    I like houses big because there is a lot more space it is so nice
  • PRO
    Paint it white (even the brick). This will make the garage less intrusive. Get rid of the shutters. Put a trellis over the windows on the right and plant wisteria, climbing roses ...

    Buy a really great exterior hanging fixture for over the door and paint the door a bright color.
  • MBennett
    Seems like the shutters are way too narrow/slim for the size windows. If you want shutters, what about looking into some nice wood ones? And changing the garage door out too for something more custom. Also I would put some type of green plant on either side of your steps with maybe some flowers hanging over the pot for some color. Either paint the front door or find some bright colorful door hanger. And I like Granite's idea of the flower box. Good luck!
  • MBennett
    And even changing the front door to a wood door I think would be a nice upgrade. Here's a few pics I found.
  • PRO
    J. White Handyman, Design & Construction
    Remove the shutters and install decorative window trim, including a crown. Repeat the trim details around the garage door. I don't recommend a garage door with windows since this will negatively accentuate the fact that it is off-center from the windows above. However, you could replace it with a paneled, stained wood door.

    To extend a welcoming entrance further out, bring a stone patio out onto side of the driveway as shown in the attached quick sketch. You could even add an overhead trellis to create the sense of a covered entrance while still allowing dapples of sunlight along the walk. Finally, add a large decorative lantern on the right of the garage door. Additional touches could include painting the front door a brighter color and placing colorful potted plants along the walk.

    I hope your project turns out beautiful!
  • paigepars
    Thank you to all... especially Linda for including the sketch. I had pinned a pic with a trellis, but you showed me how it could look on this house.

    Love the window box idea except have no green thumb and wonder what to plant there and how to keep it watered when we travel a lot.

    Agree to more custon garage door and love the wooden ones. Thanks for pointing out windows on garage door would accentuate that door is not centered.

    Yes, to the larger lantern and definitely on painting the front door a brighter color.

    I had already determined the shutters were too small and spotted a house with window accents above including a crown.

    You all are great!
  • PRO
    J. White Handyman, Design & Construction
    My pleasure! Please post a photo of your finished gem!

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