Linen closet/broom closet

Me AGirl
last month

Just the title makes me cringe....I don’t like the idea of having my fresh linens share a closet with my broom, mop, vacuum cleaner Etx.

im planning to have a closet built and I need to fit linens, extra blankets, pillows,towels, duvets,

and a broom closet, mops, bucket, .. etc.

initially I just thought of building a regular sized sliding door closet..I have about 50”w available, height floor to ceiling 8’, and depth wouldn’t want deeper than 25”.

when I start thinking of possible layouts, the idea of a mop bucket and linens in one closet make me cringe.

would It be sufficient enough to just put a long panel floor to ceiling Between 2 sliding a wardrobe?

or should I have double door, and a panel between, or 2 closets next to each other so it looks like a double door?

layout plans and recommendation for building it would be appreciated.

I would like to mlook bult in, and not just a stand alone wardrobe.

the photos are just some ideas..

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