I can't believe I just did this

28 days ago

Changed my granite choice at the 9th hour... Had my heart set on honed Virginia Mist, the slab I saw previously before ready to buy was gorgeous, I knew I wanted it. Fast forward to now when it's not a case of who has the best-looking slab but who even has a slab. So, had to have one shipped in from another state -- it came in so I took a trip over there to inspect it and was so disappointed. It was so blah and dark and heavy, none of the beautiful sprinkled powdered sugar waves I fell in love with. Kind of resigned myself to oh well, but decided to hit up another place on the way home I knew had Costa Esmeralda just to check it out -- which is another one I considered looking at pics on-line but never actually saw in person. Saw it, loved it, didn't even have to think twice -- it's on hold, called the fabricator ASAP as soon as I got home, he said it's not too late to make the change but you know it's expensive, right. I don't care -- I'd rather cough up the extra cash for a hunk of spectacularness over a hunk of blah any day. So glad I trusted my instincts to stop in and take a look! Please somebody tell me I'm not the only one who's ever done this LOL! Only downside to the CE is it's polished and I prefer honed or leathered, but the look is so soft I think I can get away with it.

Here's a recent pic of my kitchen, I think the CE will be beautiful with the hickory cabinets (the backsplash and river rock is all out already, though - it's just drywall now):

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