Install acrylic tub onto existing plaster wall.

Celia Horter
9 days ago
last modified: 9 days ago

I I removed the old cast iron tub. I am adding a simple apron tub, as well as a tub surround on two sides and building a wall behind the tub so we can shower standing up. (See pic)

I do not want to remove the plaster since plaster is mold proof. I just want to make the plaster water proof.

I'm afraid that if I remove the plaster wall it will lead me onto a rabbit's trail of new repairs.

If it ain't broke, I don't want to fix it.

How do I install the tub directly onto the existing plaster wall?

I also want to build a wall behind the tub so we can shower standing up.

Don't beat me up over removing the tub. It was missing a foot. I could not find one. And leaking all over the wood floor. Hubby and boys to big for shower. Need a full shower.

Comments for pics will be below each picture.

This is my solution for hiding the plumbing and adding

a full shower so we can stand up.

I do not want to tear down any plaster behind the tub.

It is very sturdy.

There will be a tub surround behind the tub and to the left of the tub.

I will be leaving the right of the tub open, adding a knee wall so we don't

lose any natural light coming from the window on the right.

The shower curtain rod on top will be removed.

This is the old tub. It has three legs and leaks everywhere when we shower.

It is gone forever now.

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