Help with my new backsplash? Cool tile splash vs warm gray cabs

13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

A rrgh! I had my long awaited zelig backsplash tile done and am concerned about clashing undertones. I had originally ordered cle tile rice paper, but had to use weathered white instead. It turns out it has a cool undertone next to my warm grey cabinets (and general scheme). I can't afford to redo the tile - what can I do to help? I'm considering repainting the kitchen walls to a cooler color (there is a warm beige in the kitchen nook to the right (second pic), and a lighter one on the ceiling and wall to the left((fridge pic). I am thinking of painting the nook the lighter beige or repaint the whole kitchen in the bone white trim color, though I can't repaint the ceiling as it connects to the wall in the living room. I'm even contemplating recovering grout in a warmer grey, though my husband will kill me. Or will I just feel better after I put warmer accessories on the open shelving/remount beige and grey shade? Would appreciate any help/thoughts! (p.s. pls overlook the mess!)

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