ClosetMaid ShelfTrack adjustable closet system_Alternative closet rod

last month

For those who have installed/used the Closetmaid Shelf Track (adjustable) closet system:

I already have this system in my house and really like it; Looking to install in 2 more closets, however,

my pet peeve is the superslide closet rod bracket (allows you to clip on to the shelf and hold the closet rod below) - the thing is so darn thick/big that it really decreases how many inches of closet rod space you have at both ends.

Here is a picture from online (not my closet) to get an idea how much space it takes up:

The container store's ELFA system works different - but is almost double the price. Looking to say in a lower budget.

Has anyone been able to use this closetmaid shelf track system but use an alternative to the really big fat superslide closet rod bracket?

Thanks so much!

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