I thought this was Georg Jensen, but now I don't.

last month

I have a beautiful, large (13" long) silver fork and spoon set that I need help identifying. I got them around the time I was married (1965) and have been thinking they were by Georg Jensen. But I must have been confusing them with something else I own, because when I looked up the Jensen marks they're nothing like these

I've looked though websites of silver marks and can't figure these out at all. I took a separate picture of the symbol at the bottom, as it's so small and faint. Even looking at it through a loupe, I had no idea that it looked like this until I put the photo on the monitor. I wouldn't even know how to describe it!

The pair weighs 340 grams. I have a 12.5" antique pair that I know are sterling, and they weigh 285 grams.

Thank you!

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