KUDE KA dishwasher not draining - anyone have any experience DIY fixin

7 days ago

Hi - my now-not-so-new KA diswasher, a KUDE with the "proscrub" (which I hardly ever use) is not really draining. I've done what I can - the round filter and metal trap up below, bailing to get a look inside. But when I look at videos online none of them are for this KUDE and/or are all for models with a grinder which I'm pretty sure this model does not have. People take apart the spinner apparatus and access that grinder within the motor and are able to clean out gunk down there. In my machine I cannot see how to get inside this motor. There is a molded plastic likd but no apparent access to screw for removal.

Then I went below to see if there was any obstruction around the pump. I can get the drain line off and see nothing obvious but cannot actually remove that pump.

BUT... the water in line seems to be leaking. And I cannot tell if that's just an unrelated problem because why would that affect the water draining?

...and now I'm stuck, really. I can try to tighten up that inline or replace the inline, but I don't think that's going to help with the other problem. Unless I'm wrong. Anyone got any ideas what to do next?

Thanks, tons!

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