Should the half wall in my kitchen be removed?

Lynne Macey
13 days ago
last modified: 12 days ago

Hi...I have a half wall/counter that separates my kitchen and dining room. I was thinking of A) removing it and placing some upper and lower cabinets up against the wall instead. This would provide more storage, as well as, a coffee bar. The current counter/bar is only used as a “catch all” and provides no storage space underneath. We will lose the extra seating around the holidays but could always place a temporary table in the kitchen since the floor space will be opened up. Or B) leaving the wall and just replacing the countertop. Either way, all the countertops and flooring for both the kitchen and dining room will be redone as well. Just looking for ideas on what we should consider ahead of time. Thanks.

View from corner of kitchen

View from dining room into kitchen

View from doorway entering kitchen

View of sightline From kitchen to dining

Image of what we were considering up against the wall

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