Newly built home- Flooring dilemma - Solid vs engineered- need ideas

Viru Paaji
last month
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Newly built home in Austin, texas, post closing plan is to remove tile and install hardwood floor all over the first floor including bathroom ( 1800 Sq Ft) - so far we liked - Johnson Hardwood Maple Moonshine (engineered)

However, facing dilemma - solid vs engineered hardwood - final decision should hold good for kitchen and bathroom as well- we won't have pets or water spill situation.

Definitely want piece of mind and low maintenance ( laid back nature )

cabinets (medium fade dark brown)- enclosed pic.

Because, of smaller living room- we wish to have wide plank ( not sure if below dimensions are wide plank)

Will seek professional help to install.

Will this go well post replacing tile?


Construction: Engineered

Species: Maple

Texture: Handscraped

Color Tone: Light

Style: Handscraped

Floor Width: 7-1/2"

Thickness: 1/2"

Installation Type: Staple, Cleat, Glue, Float

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