Switching from swingset to cattle panel arch for Butternut squash

I'm getting up in years and am thinking of ways of putting the garden in a smaller space. For a number of years, I've been using my kids' old swingset. I covered one side and over the top of the swingset with concrete reinforcing wire for the squash, then on one end of the swingset I grew pole beans and the other end I grew snow peas. It worked out well. But I want to try to fit more in less space since it's a big swingset, so I was going to make another cattle panel arch (I already grow cucumbers that way), for the squash. It's 4' wide and I can make it about 7' tall. I would plant seed on both sides of the arch. Anyone else grow Butternut squash up a cattle panel arch? Is that enough room for them? Thanks.