Extend wires from wall switch to power ceiling light in closet?

last month

I would like to install a motion activated light fixture in my closet. Here is the model: 8.7-Watt 120VAC 60Hz White LED Lamp Holder with Occupancy Sensor.

Unfortunately, there is no pre-existing wiring in the closet, but there are light switches on both sides of the closet which got me thinking: could I simply pigtail the line, neutral, and ground wires from one of the switches to a romex cable, drill a hole through the shared wall and run those wires up to the ceiling of the closet where I could install a remodeling box and install the light? I would plan on just stapling the cable along the inside wall of the closet.

  • Would this be safe?
  • Is there an easier / better way to do this?
  • The house is a split-level, so attic access is not straightforward (I've only been living here for a few months)

I considered a battery operated motion detector light, but because this is a high traffic closet, I can see myself having to replace those batteries every week which I would like to avoid.

Thanks for any help.

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