Permit for misc. electric work during major kitchen remodel

last month


We are doing a full kitchen remodel in San Jose, CA. The kitchen remodel involves structural changes to remove a wall, new cabinets and countertops and new electric outlets at various location and recessed lighting.

The kitchen is being opened to the living room to create an open kitchen concept. We have a kitchen designer and a structural engineer working on design/drawing to file for permit.

Beside this we have the following wish list:

1. Recessed lighting in whole house around 25-30 with dedicated new switches.

2. A new exhaust fan in bathroom with new duct work as there isn't one.

3. 4-6 electric outlet in garage for tools.

4. EV charger in garage.

We want to do this wish list work with permit too. Our kitchen designer has offered to include the above in kitchen remodel electrical plan itself for a charge of 2-3 hours.

For the kitchen remodel we are hiring a General Contractor but were hoping to get the remaining wishlist work done by directly going to an electrician to save up with mark up of general contractor.

Now we are wondering if it will be a good idea to include the wish list electric work in kitchen remodel plans for permit work or not? From what we got to know from some general contractors is that electrical permits are per appliances/switches/receptacles and tend to be cheaper when included in major remodel permit. Is this true?

Any advice/suggestion will be appreciated.

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