Any way to balance this bathroom? Design Dilemma

Lora York
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I am in process of building/remodeling lower unit of a "walk out" basement area. The bathrooms and bedrooms are in the (unlit) back of the building bc of privacy (street right outside windows on other side). Both bathrooms are now out of balance bc I chose to put in a "transom window" in the bathroom to let in light and air. The house was built in 1926 and the town/island have a definite 1920s thing going, so one bathroom is Art Deco. But the window, which shows in living room area, is not centered on the vanity, bc I didn't have enough room to do that and fit the toilet! I keep adding elements to balance it, but it isn't work. Any suggestions? I'll include the 3D software layout & the real rooms.

Layout of space. See that the 1920s "transom windows" show in living room and must be balanced somehow with each other in living room, but

I don't have enough room to center them on both bathroom vanities. One is 60" and the other 45".

You can see the problem easily here. I've decided to have 3 pendant lights above, spread across the entire space. But, not sure that's cutting it.

It's hard to tel what's going on here, but I removed a decorative mirror and put a plain beveled one the length of the vanity. (It's too tall, I know. Glued down now.) I got an Art Deco mirrored door for the closet across the room. I would like to be able to use it to see back of hair, etc.

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