Maximizing light in replacement bow window

last month

I'm looking for suggestions/options for replacing an old single-pane bow window. As far as I know it's original to the house, with single-pane glass and narrow wooden dividers. It's extremely inefficient and falling apart, so need to get something else in there.

My big hangup is that the current window has only a single inch between the different panes of glass, which results in a lot of light. I've mostly been looking at vinyl replacement windows up until now (we need to replace a bunch of other windows on the house as well), but am really, really not happy with the bulkiness/amount of vinyl between the different windows that would make up the replacement.

We've considered just converting to a flat picture window, but the brick is built out to support a bow, and we really like the extra room/platform that the bow provides. We've also considered converting it to a bay to minimize mullions, but that seems like it'd be awkward with the brick once more, and at least one company wouldn't quote us a bay conversion because of the size of the window.

So, to the point - I'm fishing for recommendations as to what to do here - materials, brands, types, etc. The window is about 10x4 feet or so, but only sticks out about 16". We're in the southeast, and this window gets hit with full hot afternoon sun.

Does anyone make a window that will not drastically reduce the light coming in (that's also at least someone efficient)?

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