Please Help: Looking for ideas to better use kitchen spaces

last month

Hello All,

Please I need help with my kitchen, which is divided by an hallway. I have my fridge and some cabinets in one section and another section with my stove, island and cabinets.

My initial plan was to move the stairs to where the fridge is and then move the fridge to the wall where the stairs is now, but I have been told it will cost me so much (got $60k in quotes). Now I have to change my plan since I don't have that type of money to spend. So I am looking for any ideas on how to make better use of the area of the cabinets near the fridge. This area is not currently well use. So below are my plans:

1. Remove the cabinets (top and bottom cabinets, see picture below), but leave the fridge as it is as there is no other space for the fridge in the house.

2. Add a table for a computer and use that space as a small office/reading area for the kids. The problem is that the space is not very deep so any table I put in that area will be very small widthwise and I can only use stools. I am thinking of a table with sufficient clearance beneath so that I tuck in the stools after use.

3. Install shelves/picture frames above the table for decorations

4. Extend the kitchen island on both sides (by a foot each) and add one small cabinet on each for extra storage to compensate for the storage lost as a result of removing the cabinets. Are there any ideas to add space to the kitchen island without having to pay for a new granite top?

So please help if you think there are better ideas to make use of the space. I have attached pictures.

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