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Fall 2020 Seed Trade - no sase

last year
last modified: last year

Here's my list of available seeds for trade:


Bachelor Buttons - mixed

Marigolds - Fireball french marigold, beautiful shades


Blue Fescue grass - clumping, front border

Rose Campion - purple flowers

Angel's Blush Campion - white with pink center flowers

Echinacea/Coneflower - assorted mixed seeds of purple, pink, magenta, cherokee sunset (red, orange, yellow)

Gaillardia - Dwarf Goblin - yellow edges, dark orange flowers

Sea Holly - Blue

Alaskan Daisy - Tall white

Lamb's Ear - Purple flowers

Salvia - Purple/blue tone flowers

Columbine - White


Cat's Meow Catmint - low growing clump, perennial

Anise Hyssop - Purple perennial


Tomato - Mennonite (Heritage beefsteak, good canning, sandwiches)

Tomato - Black from Tula (Black/dark red heritage beefsteak, great sandwich)

Tomato - Siberian (Grows in clusters, fits inside hand, good salad

Spinach - King of Denmark

Red lettuce - loose leaf

Mixed loose leaf lettuce blend

I'm looking for different tomato seed varieties - not a lot, 5-10 seeds to try.

Also seeking plant seeds that tolerate full, hot summer sun.

Make me an offer - I'm open to trades.

If you've got a bright windowsill, you can start marigold seeds in a small container early January to enjoy marigolds by March.

Let's get trading!


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  • lemonbasil
    Original Author
    last year

    I'm still trading and have received messages. Cheers!