Finding vanity lights that take LED vs LED integrated lights.

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I have spent three days Googling vanity lights and LED bulbs. It seems that on BUILD, Lamps Plus, Bellacor, HOUZZ, and many other sites, lights are listed as Incandescent, Xenon, Halogen, LED, etc.

I do not want an LED integrated light. So, how do I find a light that I can replace the bulb with an LED Bulb? I have been looking for Incandescent, but the websites have very few of them. When I looked at LED, it was difficult to separate lights with integrated LED bulbs, and lights that can TAKE LED bulbs. I could not find any that said the bulb was NOT included. I assume those are integrated.

I think most of the lights look alike. How do I ensure I am not buying cheap, Chinese lights?

Should I choose 4000 kelvins or 5000 kelvins for the windowless bathroom?

Where do you find your lights? Thanks.

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