Need advice on bathtub alcove longer than bathtub

Ann S.
last month

Help! We have a bathroom with an alcove for the tub that's more than a foot longer than the tub itself. In the alcove behind the tub, there's a shelf that's at the exact height of the tub. The shower curtain extends the full length of the alcove. We'd like to replace the tub and retile the alcove, (including the shelf) keeping the shelf. Here's the problem: We would like to scrap the shower curtain and get sliding class shower doors (probably custom made, due to the length) that will extend past the tub and roll along the edge of the shelf, so that tub and shelf will be inside the enclosure. But the alcove tubs I'm seeing all have ridges on 3 sides to facilitate tiling. In our case, the ridge at the head of the tub would stick up higher than the shelf. Is there a way to make this work? The tub that's there now is ancient and doesn't have the ridge/lip. (Unfortunately, it appears to have deteriorated beyond the point where restoration would be an option.) Thanks!!!

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