Buying FSBO w/out realtor

Gina Nagode
3 months ago

We've been trying to find a house to buy for 10year. My husband has a large service truck he parks at home and it has been difficult finding a property that works, in a small town, not many choices. Our current realtor (4th) has showed us many properties and has done a few offers. There is a FSBO home that is perfect for us 1 mile down the rd. We all, and HE passes it everyday. Always had an excuse not to show us. He totally missed the mark on picking houses. Well, I finally called the owner myself and it checks off absolutely every box on our want list! (except my pool) So, I made an offer and its been the smoothest process I've ever been in buying a home. My question. As I'm a little upset that we've been driving past our dream home for 6 months, finding out, that because they do not want to deal with a realtor, that he wouldn't let me have anything to do with it.
Now he wants 2.5% for nothing. He cost us money by having us extend our lease because of not finding a home yet. All the while.... It was right there!!!!! I dont have to pay him do I?

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