I repotted my peace lily into a pot too big...should I repot again?

Arielle Schmidt
26 days ago
last modified: 26 days ago

Hello! I've had a beautiful peace lily for about 6 months that I unknowingly repotted into a pot too big...6" inches bigger than the nursery pot instead of the recommended 2". It was in its original nursery pot and the root ball was so bound it was almost solid. Now, the leaves seem to be dropping more quickly than they did before and don't pick up as quickly when I water. I normally wait for the leaves to get a slight droop before watering, but am now afraid I might be overwatering even though the top inch or so of the soil is dry and the leaves are droopy. Could the problem be that the pot is too big and not supporting the plant as the smaller one did? Is it better for the plant for me to wait for it to grow into this pot or go through the trauma of replanting again?

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