Kitchen Pendants - clear or not clear with 8' ceilings? Height?

last month

I am working on a kitchen/family/dining room renovation and need help with pendant choices for the kitchen. Plan to hang 3 pendants, two over a 5'6" by 3'3" peninsula and one over the sink. We have 8 foot ceilings.

I love these Tumwater pendants by Cedar and Moss:

The photo is of their larger pendant but think for my lower ceilings, I'll go with the smaller pendant which is 9.5" H by 5.5" wide. Questions-

1) Should I be getting an obscure pendant with my lower ceilings?

2) There are various choices of total length from ceiling, I could go 17", 23" or 29"? I'm feeling like 23" would be good proportion for the fixture and would be about 37" above the countertops. The 29" length would be 31" above countertops. What would be the best length considering the factor that the pendants are not glass? Both my husband and I are 5'5".

Thoughts? Thanks for the help!

Tumwater Small Pendant

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