Struggling to decide on paint in master bath

Tanya Shelly
23 days ago
last modified: 23 days ago

We needed to do a major repair in our home before listing it to sell. Based on the help I received here, we ended up completely replacing the master bath (out of necessity). Due to timing and availability of materials, we were very limited in choices so please be kind in understanding our circumstances as we can’t change things now. We need to find a paint color. Here are the choices for tile including shower floor and accents. Many items were back-ordered and these were available.

I wanted to wait until everything was installed but the contractor wants to paint the first coat before installing the cabinet and granite. The granite is less yellow than this picture shows. I was going to choose a light color maybe greige or tan but it’s hard to find something that goes. Our bedroom is blue. Should I keep looking for a neutral color or do something different?

I should mention the stone floor was not preferred but the tiles that were the right size for the shower floor were back ordered so this was a compromise. The granite picture was taken in the garage while everything else was taken under 4000k lighting which caused a difference in the appearance of the coolness/warmth of the colors.

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