Should I put carpet in living room?

29 days ago

We have a mostly open main floor. There is light maple narrow hardwood in the hall through to the kitchen. We’ve remodeled 4 bathrooms and a laundry room and used tile on the floor in 3, LVT in 2. Everywhere else including a second living area I’mon the main floor, stairs and the dining room (even the master bathroom!). is a cream carpet, probably installed in the late 90s.

We are in the throes of doing the living room. It is a double height, flat ceiling box. It is also sunken - one step down from the hardwood along two sides. I’m struggling with what to do with the floor. Would a contemporary patterned carpet be okay? We can’t find an exact match for the hardwood, and I don’t know if a contrasting hardwood or LVP would look odd.

Also, we have a very large, fluffy dog (Great Pyrenees). Can cope with the fur but when he barks it’s LOUD and echoes, which is a reason I’m leaning towards a new carpet.

Would really welcome any thoughts! Thanks!

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