What kind of grapes do we have?

Heidi Wright
2 months ago

We are moving this weekend to a new home that has what I think is most likely a very old grape vine. It looks to be one large trunk with vines growing from it supported by what looks like a chain link fence support, no actual fencing. We will be fencing the back yard with a privacy fence and do have our own dogs, and foster dogs. I know we can't keep these grapes back there. I would like to propagate them to plan elsewhere in the yard though. I will also need to figure out how to keep the current one from regrowing. Will I have to dig up the whole root? I see that some can be grown from old wood and that is what I'd like to try, but others have to be propagated from green wood, in which case we'll have to wait until it grows some next season. Can anybody tell from the leaves what kind we have? I don't want to wait until it fruits because I want it gone by then.