Secret Santa Seed Swap *wish lists only * 2020

20 days ago
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This thread is ONLY for WISH LISTS !!! NO socializing or questions PLEASE !

This will make it Easier for everyone to go thru all the wish lists :)



PLEASE send your mailing address to me ASAP ! WITH your screen name Like this... ( DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM !!)


Santa Claus

100 Snow Lane

North Pole 00000

ALSO, please let me know if you are a NEWBIE. Newbie for this swap is defined as someone with NO SEEDS to share.

Sign ups will be till Nov 22 nd

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  • Gary Fitzgerald
    20 days ago

    zucchini - Costata Romanesco

  • ruthz
    19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    My wish list

    Celosia New Look red
    Celosia Sunday Mix or single colors
    Celosia Plume Arrabona
    Celosia Smart Look Romantica

    Centaurea, Classic Fan­tasticBachelor's Button

    Centaurea, Classic Magic Mix Bachelor's Button
    Clitoria, Double White Lady, double white pea vine

    Coleus, any named
    Datura metel Blackcurrant Swirl
    Earl Grey Larkspur

    Ipomoea tricolor Morning glory, Blue Star

    Marigolds – African Alaska, Konstance, Queen Sophia
    Poppy – Breadseed, Hen and Chickens, Peony, Pepperbox
    Rudbeckia - Autumn Forest, Cappuccino

    Shasta Daisy 'Crazy Daisy'

    Sunflower, any named dark red
    Vinca, any named, especially Trailing Vinca

    Zinnia, Benary's Giant single colors, Coral, Carmine Rose, Bright Pink
    Zinnia Oklahoma, single colors or mixed


    Carolina Reaper pepper ( commercial seeds only please, unless grown isolated)
    Jing Orange okra

    Merry Christmas

  • habitat_gardener
    16 days ago
    last modified: 16 days ago


    California native wildflowers or perennials, any except Calif. poppy


    artichoke, any except Green Globe

    arugula, wild

    bean, Hannan Popbean

    bean, Purple King

    carrot, Yaya or your favorite variety

    cucumber, any Beit Alpha or Lebanese/Persian variety

    cucumber, your favorite Asian variety

    daikon, your favorite variety

    eggplant, Snowy

    eggplant, Kamo

    eggplant, Chinese String or other long thin Asian variety

    eggplant, Japanese Jade or Shiromaru

    greens, your favorite crunchy mild greens

    kale, Red Ursa or other flat-leaf kale

    melon, Vine Peach (C. melo chito)

    okra, Hill Country Red

    okra, Yalova Akkoy

    okra, Star of David

    okra, Mr. Bill's Big

    pea, your favorite sugar snap or snowpea

    pepper, your favorite sweet/mild paprika variety

    pepper, your favorite sweet/mild non-bell variety

    pepper, Lesya

    radish, your favorite mild/sweet variety

    squash, North Georgia Candy Roaster

    squash, Ronde de Nice

    squash, Candystick Dessert

    turnip, Hakurei

  • apoppyfield1
    16 days ago



    bean, any bush type

    bean, Purple King

    carrot, your favorite variety

    corn, super sweet variety

    cucumber, your favorite variety

    greens, your favorite crunchy mild greens

    lettuce, your favorite leaf type lettuce

    green onion, shallots

    onion bulb

    pea, your favorite sugar snap or snowpea

    spinach, bloomberg or your favorite variety

    tomatoes, sun gold or any small or early varieties

    garlic, any

    zucchini, any type

    Any other interesting variety you'd like to share.

    Thank you!

  • food_lover
    15 days ago

    My Wish List


    Italian Hierloom


    Climbing Triple Crop

    Dr. Wyche's Yellow

    Costoluto Genovese


    Striped German


    French Gold Pole (or your favorite wax pole bean)

    Emerite Pole

    Beets, any

    Onions, any long-day or day-neutral variety

    Culantro (herb)

    Looking forward to this!

  • audrey_gw
    15 days ago

    My wants include but are not limited to:

    1. Abutilons (flowering maples) with double or striped blooms such as ‘Victorian Lady’ and ‘Red Tiger’

    2. Anemones hardy to zone 5, both spring and fall flowering types

    3. Calendulas unusual types such as ‘Coffee Cream’ and ‘Orange Flash’

    4. Camellias

    5. Chiritas (AKA primulinas) except tamiana

    6. Chrysanthemums hardy to zone 5 such as ‘Emperor of China’

    7. Corydalises, blue-flowered types such as flexuosa, fresh seed

    8. Delphiniums such as ‘Chocolate,’ ‘La Boheme,’ ‘Green Twist,’ ‘Phantom’

    9. Dianthuses (pinks), heirloom and unusual

    10. Erodiums

    11. Fuchsias

    12. Gardenias

    13. Gentians

    14. (Hardy) Geraniums with dark-centered, double, or veined blooms

    15. Gerberas (if seeds were kept refrigerated after being harvested)

    16. Helianthuses (sunflowers) with double, semi-double, or dark flowers

    17. Hepaticas

    18. Hibiscuses, species types such as insularis

    19. Impatiens, species types such as tinctoria

    20. Jaltomatas

    21. Jasmines

    22. Justicias

    23. Osteospermums such as ‘Copper Purple,’ ‘Pink Whirls,’ ‘Whirligig’

    24. Passifloras (passionflowers) except incarnata

    25. Pavonias such as gledhillii , hirticalyx, multiflora

    26. Primroses

    27. Rudbeckias such as ‘Aslan,’ ‘Goldquelle,’ ‘Hortenisa’ (“Golden Glow”), ‘Radiance’

    28. Solanums such as muricatum, welandii

    29. Streptocarpuses (cape primroses)

    30. Other unusual flowers, herbs, and tropical plants

  • mcc371- Tammy M.
    14 days ago

    My wish list-

    • Any Veggies that i can preserve

    • Any Fruits to make jams, jellies

    • Any herbs for culinary spices or medicinal use

    • scarlet Runner beans

    • Fava bean

    • Any Corn for kernels, flour, or popcorn

    • Any Tomato

    • Any Sweet Peppers

    • Purple Asparagus

    • Any that I can make into Tea

    • Any Coleus

    • Any Begonia

    • Any Carnation

    • Any Zinnia

    • Red Roselle

    • African Violet

    • Geranium

    • Cannas

    • Any tropical or houseplant

    I am not picky i will love anything you send. I enjoy canning, dehydrating, and making spices and rubs.

    Thanks and i hope you have a very blessed Merry Christmas.


  • roper2008
    14 days ago

    My wish list

    Peppers, the rarer the better.




    Coreopsis Sunkiss or any red yellow combo

    Rudbeckia Prarie Sun



    Sweet William


    Red Cardinal flower


    Red Zinnia

    Purple Coneflower


    Cottage Garden flowers

    Fragrant flowers


  • leann2800
    14 days ago

    My wish list:






    Anything white, purple, red, or blue

    Anything that deters mosquitos

    Easy to grow Seeds for pond plants for my new small sized pond.

    Surprise me with anything that grows in Zone 8.

  • jas_il
    13 days ago

    My Wish list


    1. Petunia any hybrid / commercial prefer

    2. Rhipsalis

    3. Alyssum any

    4. Cardinal vine any color

    5. Pepper (sweet, hot, ornamental), rarer the better.

    6. Tomato any red/Yellow/orange rarer the better.

    7. Carnivorous plant seeds any

    8. Lettuce any specially reds, butter crunch

    9. Sweet Basil any

    10. Swiss Chard

    11. Moss Terrarium land/water pretty

    12. Hollyhock any

    13. Coleus any red/orange pretty ones

    14. Carnation/dianthus any

    15. Sedums carpet style

    16. Salvia’s

    17. Any tropical or houseplant

    18. Marigold pompom style (white, yellow)

    19. Japanese maple (bloodgood, lace leaf any)

    20. Begonia any rex, bolieviensis, escargot

    21. Impatience any

    22. Papyrus pond plant

    23. Pitcher plant

    24. Succulent

    25. Celosia Plumosa

    26. dichondra silver falls

    27. Air plant

    28. Ice plant

    29. ivy geranium,

    30. Oxalis shamrock any specially candy cane

    Thanks everyone

  • yotetrapper
    13 days ago
    last modified: 12 days ago

    Begonia, Bossa Nova

    Black Eyed Susan vine (any color)

    Creeping zinnia (Sanvitalia procumbens)

    Cuphea, Honey Bells or similar

    Dog Tooth Violet (Erythronium 'Pagoda')

    4 O'clocka : Kaleidoscope or Broken Colors or other bicolors

    Gernaium, any scented

    Geraniums, zonal, any named such as:

    Apple Blossum Rosebud

    Martha Washington


    Great Balls of Fire

    Ice Queen




    Hollyhocks, any double especially Appleblossom

    Lisianthus, any

    Lobelia, Regatta marine blue or other true blue variety

    Marigolds, white, red or bicolor varieties

    Milkweed, any except common

    Morning Glory: Red, white and blue. Mix or individual colors

    Ostrich fern

    Petunia, Starry Sky or Night Sky

    Ramps (Allium tricoccum)


    Vinca, Cora cascade or other trailing vincas

















    Bean, Canadian Goose

    Bean, Case Pocketknife

    Bean, yellow wax POLE

    Carrots, red or white fleshed only please

    Tomato, Cherokee purple

    Tomato, any red micro

    Any berry producing shrubs that birds like

  • Susan Nieves - Happy Ohio Gardener
    13 days ago

    In Search Of:
    Snapdragons- Tall rust resistant
    Sunflowers - Jade, Sunfill green, Sunfill Purple, strawberry blonde
    Other green or white multi branching sunflower
    Columbine - Sunshine or golden spur
    Columbine - Green Apple
    Black Eyed Susan Vine - any
    Stock - any double flower
    Zinnia - Queen Lime - any red, orange, blush
    Zinnia - Unicorn Mix
    Zinnia Benarys Giant Any color
    Zinnia - Zinderella any color
    Verbascum - Southern Charm
    Verbascum - your favorite
    Sweet Pea - Elegance Salmon Rose or your favorite fragrant colorful ones
    Calendula - Snow princess, bronze beauty, solar flashback
    Bella of Ireland
    Billy Burtons
    Dahlia - dwarf cactus or your favorite
    Gazania - new shades any, big kiss white flame
    Gomphrena - any color fresh seeds please
    Nicotiana - Antique lime or your favorite fragrant one
    Nasturtium - Alaska Apricot, Alaska Raspberry, Moonlight
    Four o’clock- Marble mix, fairy trumpet
    Anemone - Madonna snowdrop, pink saucer or your favorite hardy to Zone 5b
    Your favorite green flower
    Long lasting flowers and any large blooms good for floral arrangements

    Tomatoes - patio dwarf your favorite

  • dancingbunnyfoofoo
    12 days ago
    last modified: 5 days ago

    1. Amaranthus

    2. Balsam/Impatiens balsamina

    3. Bee Balm (Dotted/Spotted Horsemint, Wild Bergamot, Spielarten Mix, Jacob Cline)

    4. Black Eyed Susan Vine - WHITE

    5. Blood lily

    6. Blue Mistflower

    7. Blue Witches Hat (Pycnostachys urticifolia) (aka Hedgehog Sage)

    8. Celosia/Cockscomb (such as Chinese Wool Flower)

    9 . Clitoria, WHITE Pea Vine

    10. Cosmos

    11. Dutchmans Pipevine (zone 9a/10b)

    12. Echinacea/Coneflower

    13. Gilia Globe

    14. Gomphrena

    15. Hummingbird mint aka Agastache

    16. Hyacinth Bean Vine - WHITE

    17. Kangaroo Paw

    18. Klipp Dagga

    19. Liatris

    20. Obedient plant

    21. Pride of Barbados - RED

    22. Red Crimson Clover

    23. Red Hot Poker

    24. Rue

    25. Safflower (Dark Orange-Red)

    26. Toad Lily (such as Blue Toad Lily)

    27. Toothache plant

    28. Zinnias (such as Scabiosa zinnia, Will Rogers zinnia, Unicorn)

    29. Anything that attracts Ladybugs, Hummingbirds & Butterflies

    30. Anything that attracts Dragonflies

  • Kim King
    11 days ago

    **Wish List Plants or Seeds**

    **Prefer named but will consider any, not picky**

    1. Any Iris

    2. Any Daylilies

    3. Any Coral Bells (Heuchera)

    4. Any Hosta

    5. Any Mouse ear Hostas

    6. Any Shade plants

    7. Lenten Rose

    8. Any Coleus

    9. Any lemony veggie/fruit/herb

    10. angelica

    11. bergamot

    12. lavender

    13. pennyroyal

    14. pineapple sage

    15. savory

    16. st johns wort

    17. stevia

    18. tansy

    19. valerian

    20. sweet woodruff

    21. Any herbs for culinary spices or medicinal use

    22. Any runner beans

    23. Any sugar snap or snow pea

    24. Any popcorn

    25. Any Heirloom Tomato

    26. Any named marigolds

    27. Any mini plants or veggies

    28. Any fragrant flowers

    29. Any pollinator flowers

    30. Any unusual gourds

  • hl260
    11 days ago
    last modified: 10 days ago


    Cosmos,- double click cranberries, double click mix, apricot lemonade

    Echinacea- Green Twister

    Herbs that are rare-or your favorites


    Larkspur-Earl Grey or Smokey Eyes

    Nasturtium-Bloody Mary, Cherry Rose or anything pretty


    Pumpkins- warty or odd looking ones 

    Scabiosa (PincushionFlower)'Black Knight' or Salmon Queen

    Summer Squash-your favorites

    Tomatoes- rare Eastern European varieties, hearts, pastes, Ananas Noire, Green Berkeley Tie Dye

    Zinnias- any named varieties

  • poisondartfrog
    11 days ago

    Secret Santa Wish List

    Zinnia haageana, Persian Carpet, similar

    Impatiens balfourii

    4 ‘O’Clocks



    Tomato, African Queen

    Tomato, 1884

    Tomato, Ferris Wheel

    Tomato,Dwarf Tomato Project varieties




    Mallows (Alcea, Gossypium, Malva, Pavonia, etc)

    Bronze Fennel

    Nicotiana mutabilis

    Celosia, orange, peach, yellow, other warm shades, plumosa, spicata, cristata

    Gloxinia and relatives

    Ipomoea tricolor like Pearly Gates, Heavenly Blue, Flying Saucers, Wedding Bells, others

    Antirrhinum, snapdragons in orange, peach, white, yellow, red, bronze




    Strobilanthes nutans



    Ricinus communis, Castor Bean

    Duranta erecta

    Solanum jasminoides, atropurpurea, others

    Solandra maxima


  • Steve Kv
    11 days ago

    Wish List

    Tomatoes - Generally

    Your favorite, most reliable, consistent tomato(es) that you grow every year

    Your least common tomato(es) that you grow every year

    Any Eastern European tomato(es)

    Tomatoes - Specifically

    Dwarf Tomato Project - Dwarf Pink Passion, Rosella Crimson

    Other Dwarfs - New Big Dwarf, Coastal Pride Orange

    Maglia Rosa

    Girl Girl's Weird Thing

    Stump of the World

    Indian Stripe (Regular & Potato Leaf)

    Neves Azorean Red


  • root_grow
    11 days ago
    last modified: 9 days ago

    My wish list:

    Rudbeckia triloba



    Schizanthus / poor man's orchid

    Poppies - any except California poppies

    Clarkia / Godetia

    Feverfew - single flowered type


    Navajo Tea


    Any mint

    Lemon balm

    Anything for tea

    Mexican tarragon

    Papalo or culantro


    Shiso perilla


    Culinary amaranth for greens

    Lacinato kale

    Mildly hot peppers - max 10,000 Scoville please :)

    Cucumber - an early bush type for fresh eating like little leaf or dar

    Eggplant - apple green

    Barese Swiss chard

    Cabbage - any cabbage


    Peas - soup peas or bush sugar snaps

    Whatever makes you smile when you step into the garden :)

  • jq_sen39
    10 days ago

    Wishlist 2020 (Thank you for sharing)

    Any house plant cutting

    Plumeria any color



    Sensitive plant seeds

    Any unique seeds

    Any tropical seeds

    Any Vegetable seeds

    Any flowering seeds

    Any herbs

    With warm regards


  • patrob
    9 days ago
    last modified: 8 days ago


    ASTER: seeds from 2020 only, please




    CALENDULA: Dawn Apricot, Sunset Buff, or similar




    COLUMBINE: Texas Gold

    CORNFLOWER OR BACHELORS BUTTONS: Boy Pink, Boy Red, any dark red




    HOLLYHOCK: Halo or Las Vegas



    SNAPDRAGON: tall, darker colors like Midnight


    SUNFLOWER (HELIANTHUS): dark or unusualcolors



    BOK CHOY/PAK CHOI:: small/dwarf or Ching Chang or Shanghai Green

    BROCCOLI: Avenger, Imperial, or Marathon

    EGGPLANT: Bangladeshi, Fairy Tale, Fengyuan Purple, Halep Karasi, Mitoyo, or Tadifi

    LETTUCE: Grandpa Admire’s or Triumpheter aka Glory of Voorburg

    OKRA: Burmese, Egyptian, Fife Creek Cowhorn

    POLE BEAN: Uncle Steve's Italian, Grandma Gina's, Borlotto Solista, Giant Red Tarka

    Merry Christmas!

  • brittneysgran
    9 days ago
    last modified: 4 days ago



    Canna - White








    Meadow Rue

    Passion Vine


    Snail Vine

    Sunflowers Candy Mtn, Tiger Eye

    Sweet Pea High Scent

    Sweet Williams

    Toad Lily 'Milky Way'


  • heavenlyfarm
    9 days ago


    1. Oriental Poppy Varieties

    2. Sunflowers

    3. Perennial Forget me Nots

    4. Peaches N Dreams Hollyhock

    5. Lavender

    6. Giant Pacific Giants Delphinium

    7. Carrots

    8. Jacob Cline Beebalm

    9. Saphyr Flax

    10. Scabiosa Varieties

    11. White Marigolds

    12. Canterbury bells Cup and Saucer (NO singles please!)

    13. False Indigo (besides blue)

    14. Globe Thistle

    15. Cauliflower

    16. Tropical Hibiscus

    17. Perennial Phlox



  • jlhart76
    8 days ago

    I love this swap, the seeds are great but I also love the cards!

    1. Tomatoes, any

    2. Peppers, any

    3. Carrots

    4. Radishes

    5. Lettuces, any but especially frizzy headed drunken woman (tried it last year & wasn't able to save seeds)

    6. Cucumber, any

    7. Peas

    8. Basils, all kinds

    9. Mint, especially other than spearmint or peppermint

    10. Container vegetables

    11. Sunflowers

    12. Strawflowers, all colors

    13. Medicinal herbs

    14. Anything odd or unusual shaped or color

    15. Cosmos, except yellow & orange

    16. Morning glory

    17. Gourds

    18, Melons

    19. Flowers that are good for dried arrangements

    20. Purple

  • nan6b
    8 days ago
    last modified: 8 days ago

    Agastache foeniculum- Anise hyssop

    Basil, lemon

    Basil, lime

    Celery, not red

    Clematus, vigorous, vining type, preferably long-blooming or repeat-blooming

    Daisy, chocolate-scented, Berlandiera lyrata

    Delphiniums, perennial

    Hummingbird mint

    Hyssop, perennial

    Jacob Cline monarda

    Lamium Aureum

    Lemon balm

    Snapdragons, perennial, antirrhinum braun-blanquetii

    Spider milkweed, asclepias viridis

    Zinnias, any & all kinds, lots & lots

  • Melinda Hagen
    8 days ago

    Daturas. Ballerinas, doubles. Triples----no white

    African daisies

    Crazy daisy, other shastas

    Petunias--any but esp. Doubles, cascades



    Columbines-- any but esp. Green apple. Tequila sunrise


    Marigold---tashkent, others named





    Lettuce no iceberg

    Baby bok choy, baby milk bok choy

    Moon flower plants not vine

    Zinnias---any but esp. Persian carpet, queen lime. Red, queen lime blush, macarenia, Mazurkia

    Any container veggies or flowerr



    Dianthus--- any but Siberian blues

    Sweet Williams

    Toad Lily's

    Joe pye weeds

  • April Lou
    8 days ago

    Himalayan blue poppies

    4 o’ clocks- broken colors, salmon sunset

    Freckles Viola Pansy

    Marigolds- Safari Red, bonanza bolero, strawberry blonde, naughty marietta, jaguar, orange hawaii

    Coneflower- Paradoxa coneflower, Pallida , Paradiso mix, Mellow yellows

    Nasturiums- yeti, alaska red shades, bloody mary, tip top apricot

    Zinnias- any kind but would love Border Beauty zinnia, big tetra Mix zinnia, forecast zinnia, jazzy mix

    Basil- Red freddy basil, Cardinal basil

    Any rare tomatoes

    Joi Choi

    Robin Hood Fava Bean

  • pinkiris
    7 days ago
    last modified: 4 days ago

    anything that blooms in the colors red, white, pink, or NEON colors

    anything variegated... flower, veggie or herb

    anything miniature/dwarf OR GIANT in size ...flowers, veggies or herbs

    anything heat/humidity/drought tolerant

    anything with dark flowers and/or foliage

    anything tropical and/or SUB tropical

    anything that will work for containers/raised beds ... veggies or flowers

    dwarf project tomatoes or micro tomatoes, good eating/slicing and canning

    sunflowers ...dwarfs, reds, darks, unusual, newer varieties like procut series

    hot peppers ... the hotter or unusual the better! ornamental or salad varieties mild



    lavender - reds, whites, pinks, blues

    any lilys


    unusual colors or warty pumpkins/squash/gourds or with warts/bumps - winter or summer





    datura ... double triple only

    cosmos ...newer varieties

    begonia -heat tolerant

    unusual eggplants

    Japanese Morning Glory


    zinnia - humidity tolerant /rain, heat, mildew resistant


    geranium -heat tolerant

    your favorite flower, veggie or herb

  • bluee19
    7 days ago

    Wishing from Southern CA zone 10a:

    Hot peppers

    Sweet Peppers (Really looking for shepherd peppers, would like to give to a friend)

    Sunflowers (I luv luv sunflowers but need more unique ones, I already have russian mammoth)






    Cosmos (Unique varieties, already have orange/yellow)

    Flower bulbs :)

    Any house plant cuttings

    Purple milkweed

    Purple flowers

    Marigolds (I have yellow and orange already :)

    Asian veggies


  • gardengirl37232
    6 days ago
    1. Hot peppers, your favorite or South American or Asian ones, fresno, biquinho
    2. Sweet pepper, your favorite or beaver dam
    3. Asian or Italian eggplant, your favorite
    4. Beans, especially your favorite winged bean, fava beans, edamame
    5. Peas, your favorite sugar snap pea or snow pea
    6. Winter squash, your favorite or Canadai mezoides, Kogigu, Shishigatani, Tahitian melon, Thai rai raw tok, Yokohama, Yuxi jiang bing gua
    7. Summer squash, your favorite
    8. Asian vegetables, your favorite or bok choy, gailan
    9. Alpine strawberries
    10. Different colored carrots
    11. Cucumbers, your favorite or Sikkim
    12. Celeriac
    13. Swiss chard
    14. Tomatoes: Any of the Wild Boar varieties or the Dwarf Tomato project
    15. Lisianthus
    16. Your favorite drought tolerant flower, vegetable, or herb
  • cghpnd
    6 days ago
    last modified: 6 days ago

    I would love any edibles and ornamental varieties that are heat and humidity tolerant/resistant - i live in Central Florida.

    Catha edulis -Khat Plant

    Trailing snapdragons

    Asclepias (Milkweed) Rubra, Speciosa purpurascens





    Agastache - Summer Breeze, Apache Sunset, Blue Boa. Heather Queen Hummingbird mint, Navajo sunset, Rose mint


    Purple dome

    Rice button,

    Pale Pink Dwarf Milady Asters,

    Giant Perfection mix


    China Aster –

    Starlight light pink

    Giants Of California Mix


    Aquilegia - Mckana giants


    Santa Cruz or Sunset

    Bellflower – Pink Octopus

    Calendula - Neon, Balls Orange



    Asian Garden

    Flamingo Feather

    Tornado Red

    Cleome - Sparkler Series


    Lava Rose

    Religious Radish

    Chocolate covered cherry

    Black Dragon



    Crimson Star

    Cuphea – David Verity



    Double Click Mix


    Dutchmans Breeches

    Datura metel –

    Violet Queen,

    Purple Horn of many,

    Black Currant Swirl

    Dahlia – any

    4’ O Clocks – any that are red, Fairy Trumpets

    Goldenrod – Little Lemon

    Ipomoea lobata, Purpurea

    Lochroma -any

    Morning Glory- Split Second

    Poppies somniferum (cherry glow, peony black, Black swan, Heirloom Mix Danish Flag, Feathered Mix, Flemish Antique

    Salvia – Clary Sage Piedmont, Texas Sage Hummingbird Forest Fire, Black and Blue, Amistad, Wendys Wish

    Russian Sage, Scarlett Sage

    Sunflower – Claret, Gypsy Charmer, Jolly Joker, Gold Coin, Mongolian Giant,Titan, Taiyo

    Strawflower - Tall Double Red

    Zinnia- Cactus- Purple- Pop Art- Envy, State Fair, Scabiosa, Benarys Giant mix, Candy Stripe, Aztec Bicolor, Inca, Cupcake Series, Peppermint Stick, Whirlygig mix, Jazzy Mix, Queeny Red Lime, Mazurkia, Illumination, Polar Bear, Redman Super Cactus, Candy cane mix

    Queens Anne Lace - ANY

    Basil - Dark purple, Lemon, Thai, Cinnamon, Licorice

  • Ladyreneer
    5 days ago
    last modified: 5 days ago

    Merry Christmas everyone! I'd love and appreciate any of the following.



    Hydrangea (have Niko Blue)


    Salvias (have Victoria Blue)

    Daisies (all kinds of white/yellow)

    Named Echinacea (have purpurea)

    Pyrethrum Daisy

    Lavender (have Vera)

    Zinnias (any)

    Geranium (annual & perennial)




    Honeywort/Blue Shrimp

    Rudbeckia (have Goldsturm)

    Heuchera (Pink, Purple, Red, Silver)

    *Your Favorite Flower*

    COLORS: Bubblegum - Magenta Pinks, Purples, & Reds, a little White, and some Yellow.


    Heirloom Tomatoes

    Walking Onion

    Candy Roaster Squash

    Unusual Squash

    Heirloom Pole Beans (unique)

    Bulbils from onions

    Bulbils from Garlic

    Red Onions

    Painted Mountain corn

    Glass Gem Corn


  • l1oness
    5 days ago
    last modified: 4 days ago

    My favorite colors are blue, purple, and pink, so anything in those colors will brighten my day. I will be starting a rain garden in the next year, so anything that works well in that type of garden (and any suggestions!) would be very welcome.

    1. Sunflowers (ones that produce seeds)

    2. Cosmos

    3. Melons

    4. Parsley

    5. Basil – various varieties

    6. Sage varieties

    7. Buttercup squash

    8. Chives

    9. Strawberries

    10. Lettuce / salad greens

    11. Zucchini

    12. Sweet Peppers

    13. French filet style beans

    14. Pole beans (fresh eating and soup)

    15. Dwarf tomatoes (including micro dwarfs, Dwarf project tomato varieties, etc. (especially BrandyFred, Audrey’s Love, & Almandine)

    16. Paste tomatoes

    17. Great blue lobelia

    18. Cardinal Flower

    19. Black eyed Susan

    20. Blue Flag Iris

    21. Wild Geranium

    22. Zinnias (all doubles, especially Zinderella series)

    23. Morning Glory (all, especially Heavenly Blue, Split Second, Galaxy, or Blue Glory)

    24. Coneflowers

    25. Pumpkins

    26. Cabbages

    27. Eggplants

    28. Cucumbers (tender/good for salads)

    29. Your favorite flower

    30. Your favorite tasting vegetable

  • primrose1x3
    4 days ago

    Glad to see this swap return; I would love any of -

    Angelonia - white or any

    Asparagus -purple

    Artemisia absinthium

    Brugmansia white

    Calendula - like cantaloupe blending pink, apricot & cream or Touch of Red with petal backs/tips in dark maroon

    Cottage garden flowers that are fragrant or attract hummingbirds or pollinators. Resistance to deer etc helps. Under 3' would be great.

    dahlia - dwarf

    fennel, bronze

    Fuchsia - like the crimson, slender, long-tubed Gartenmeister

    Gilia tricolor 'Felicitas' - cream, splashed lilac-pur w/darker throat

    Green flowers

    Jasmine - could live indoors in hanging pot - or any similar flower

    Larkspur Misty Lavender, Earl Grey or shorter, airy, spreading larkspurs belonging to Delphinium consolida regalis like the Cloud series

    Marigolds - low, splashed in deep, dark mahogany red

    Pelargoniums - scented geraniums, any

    Pentas -mixed or white

    Sage - pineapple (Salvia elegans)


    Zinnias - disease resistant ones like Z. haageana 'Aztec burgundy, or Zahara or Profusion in salmon-pink

  • primrose1x3
    4 days ago

    Glad to see this swap return; I would love any of -

    Angelonia - white or any

    Asparagus -purple

    Artemisia absinthium

    Brugmansia white

    Calendula - like cantaloupe blending pink, apricot & cream or Touch of Red with petal backs/tips in dark maroon

    Cottage garden flowers that are fragrant or attract hummingbirds or pollinators. Resistance to deer etc helps. Under 3' would be great.

    dahlia - dwarf

    fennel, bronze

    Fuchsia - like the crimson, slender, long-tubed Gartenmeister

    Gilia tricolor 'Felicitas' - cream, splashed lilac-pur w/darker throat

    Green flowers

    Jasmine - could live indoors in hanging pot - or any similar flower

    Larkspur Misty Lavender, Earl Grey or shorter, airy, spreading larkspurs belonging to Delphinium consolida regalis like the Cloud series

    Marigolds - low, splashed in deep, dark mahogany red

    Pelargoniums - scented geraniums, any

    Pentas -mixed or white

    Sage - pineapple (Salvia elegans)


    Zinnias - disease resistant ones like Z. haageana 'Aztec burgundy, or Zahara or Profusion in salmon-pink

  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland
    4 days ago

    Amazon Chocolate tomato or any tomato, esp heirloom, beefsteak. cherry or dark ones

    Any tomatillo

    Yard long green beans

    County fair cucumber, English cucumbers or your favorite


    Lemon basil

    Sweet Peppers or peppers that do not have a lot of heat

    Any eggplant





    Any veggie that grows well in a container

    Cardinal flower

    Pond plants for newbies

    Dwarf Celosia ( celosia plumosa )

    Any color profusion zinna


    Hummingbird Mint / Agastache or Rosie Posie Agastache

    Any Salvia, esp Purple

    Turk’s Cap Lily or any daylily

    New York Ironweed

    Great Blue Lobelia

    Orange or red sunflowers

    Queen Red Lime zinnia

    Any coleus

    Any succulent

    Any poppy

    Pow Wow Wildberry or Warm Summer Echinacea

    Any flower or edible you would love to share from your garden 😉

    Merry Christmas !

  • Darlyn Hall
    4 days ago
    last modified: 4 days ago

    Hi Everyone! Here is my wish list:

    1. Canadian Goose Beans
    2. Green Bell peppers
    3. Butternut Squash
    4. Straight-8 Cucumbers
    5. Any pickling cucumbers
    6. Musk Melons
    7. Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins
    8. Mini Ornamental Pumpkins
    9. White Pumpkins
    10. Watermelon

    10. Gourds

    11. Green Bell peppers

    12. Jalapeño or Habanero pepppers

    13. Brandywine tomatoes

    14. Any sweet-tasting sandwich tomatoes

    15. Sweet 100's Cherry tomatoes

    16. Catnip

    17. Impatiens, especially white, pink or cranberry

    18. Sunpatiens

    19, Moonflowers

    20. Columbine, any color

    21. Lavender

    22, Marigolds

    23. Nicotiana

    24. Vincas

    25. Morning Glories

    26. Black-eyed Susans

    27. Flowers

    28. Sunflowers

    29. Scented Geraniums

    30. ZINNIAS!!!!! The more the better, any size, any color, especially candy-cane striped


  • Kg Tg Zone 6b IL
    4 days ago

    Hello All! Here is my wishlist.

    Heirloom Tomatoes.. Rarer the better!

    Heart Tomatoes

    Anna Russian

    Ludmilla’s Pink Heart

    Rarer Peppers sweet or spicy

    Pole Beans

    Bush Beans

    Summer Squash

    Delicata Squash

    Herbs.. esp Basil

    Coneflowers.. any

    Black Eyed Susan

    Zinnias with larger flowers or heck any!

    Any flowers for pots

    Any cherry tomato that is sweet and productive

    Chinese Cabbage

    Marizol Tomato any color

    Nicky Crain Tomato

    Dr. Lyle tomato

    Chocolate Stripes tomato


    I love anything I get. Much appreciated!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!


  • Nailah Hardrick
    3 days ago
    last modified: 3 days ago

    Nailah's WISH LIST Zone 6 Missouri


    1. Peppermint
    2. Spearmint
    3. Hummingbird mint (any color)
    4. Parsley
    5. Sweet Grapes (red or green)
    6. Cilantro
    7. Valerian
    8. Lemon Balm
    9. Crowder Peas
    10. Candy Roaster Squash
    11. Geraniums (pink, purple, salmon, blue)
    12. Aloe Vera Plant
    13. Citrosum seeds
    14. Catnip
    15. Penny-royal seeds
    16. Citronella
    17. Floss Flower
    18. Thors Thunderbolt Hot Pepper
    19. Any Kang Starr Variety Hot Pepper
    20. Any 7 Pot Hot Pepper
    21. Carolina Reaper pepper Hot seeds
    22. Shepherds Peppers
    23. Candy Cane Hot Pepper seeds
    24. Peter Pepper Hot seeds

    Merry Christmas to All!

  • flwrs4ever62
    Original Author
    2 days ago

    *** Swap is now closed !! **