Help arrange living room furniture. Tv above stairs?

Janelle H
7 days ago

Help me arrange furniture in this layout? I'm reposting...
I added a pic of the rough layout ( not exactly to scale but close). There is another TV space in the house, but I had hoped to add one in here. And I wanted as much seating as possible because the house has 6 bedrooms. The wall with the sliding door is about 14 ft but it's only about 10 feet in front of the fireplace. Right now, the house is how we bought it. Large Tv is mounted on a pull out swivel above the stairs- it is possible to go down the stairs while tv is being viewed and not hit your head if you are less than 7 ft tall. Any ideas? Tv could go across from fireplace but then where to sit? Or in the upper right corner but then it will block the window, (and it is a pleasant spot right now to enjoy morning coffee). Tv above fireplace maybe but it's a giant stone behemoth and a) I'm not sure how to mount it without damaging the stone and b) the fireplace will get used so I have concerns about heat.

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