Window grids on new home - 9 or 6 grids

K Kohr
11 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

We are building a new home. Our architect drew big beautiful windows, which we love. However in working with the window company we have come to realize the main box windows (porch area) are so big they require tempered glass on the main level (8' tall as drawn) and child safety locks upstairs (due to not being 24" off floor). In addition they are costly. So we decided to reduce the size of the main floor windows by 12" and upstairs by 8". To keep symmetry we are also reducing the windows on either side of the box by 12". We are keeping the main box 9 grids as drawn but the window manufacturer is suggesting we reduce those outside of the main box to 6 grids. I would appreciate opinions on 6 grids vs 9 (as drawn) on the windows outside of the main box. Is it preferred to match number of grids or lite sizes?

We are also considering changing dormers windows to square, would appreciate opinion on that as well, but the window grids are the main question. Thanks so much!

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