Has anyone used an indoor grow tent to overwinter citrus?

Chad Wismer
6 days ago

I have a few trees struggling, they are not drying out enough, not getting enough light and humidity or staying warm enough for my liking next to the drafty old windows. So I just got on Amazon and bought a 48x60x80 indoor grow tint, everything should fit in there except for my big meyer that's like 8 foot tall. I may also leave my pink eureka out because it is doing so well, I thought it was going to die when I got it in may or June. It had maybe 5 leaves and the main stem and one other good branch, shipping beat it up from there. But all year it has been flushing new growth like crazy. But the rest need some help, my thought is with 1500 watts of lighting 12 hrs a day, some supplemental heat to keep them at 80 degrees, and an enclosed area with controlled ventilation and maybe some heat to the roots to keep them around 75 to 80 as well, may make them thrive a bit, and honestly if they do super great I wouldn't mind keeping some on the real small ones in there all year until they get bigger. Just curious what everyone thinks about my idea? I already bought everything and am going to try it out regardless, just looking for feedback, or recommendations on light time, humidity, temp? Any advice or positive input would be very much so appreciated.

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