Have I messed up our shaker kitchen knob placement big time?!

5 days ago

Hello all! Just hoping you can tell me if I’ve made a huge mistake.

Our cabinet maker has been busy all week and decided to come on a Saturday to do some work before the ceasarstone gets put in on Monday. He briefly asked about placement and asked if a certain placement was okay which I said yes cause I assumed that was standard placement and genuinely wasn’t thinking about other options. I have had a lot on my mind this week with bad stuff happening at work. Anyway my partner was also working on saturday so wasn’t home.

The cabinet maker drilled all the holes in the kitchen as well as in the matching vanities for our bathroom and en-suite based on my agreement. So now when partner has come home is furious that they are in the wrong place (not central to shaker panel but in the centre of the top rail). He is very mad at me and thinks the whole kitchen will look bad. We have single chrome knobs on all drawers and doors. Our doors are 2pac sprayed satin finish, so can’t just be filled and retouched. To fix would be very very expensive I assume (>10k). See pictures below:

I really really didn’t realise that this wasn’t the correct placement. Do you think it really looks that bad? Has anyone else put them here? I don’t know what to do. I think they look okay. But he says no Hampton’s kitchen has them placed here!

I looked online because I remember going to a display house where I loved the chrome handles and wanted to copy them. After looking at the 3d virtual tour of the same house online I realise they also have the handles placed here.. which is maybe why I assumed this was correct when I was asked! Picture of display house knobs:

Anyway my partner is really upset and I don’t know what to do. It’s all my fault and a really costly mistake at that!

Please someone make me feel better :( has this ruined the whole style of our new hamptons/renovated queenslander kitchen?

Thanks for any input!

Like them ??
Hate them ??

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