Underlayment Guidance

Amanda Lewis
5 days ago

I am finding myself yet again dealing with subpar flooring situations when renovating our house. We are doing a kitchen remodel and I’m not sure how to proceed with underlayment. House built in 1981.

Currently we have, from top to bottom: ceramic tile, 1/4 inch ply, two layers of linoleum, 5/8 inch ply, 1/2 inch subfloor. I am assuming subfloor is 1/2 inch because when we ripped out flooring in another room it was 1/2 subfloor with 5/8 pressboard underlayment.

The 5/8 ply underlayment is actually in good condition, However with the two layers of linoleum stuck to it my husband‘s preference is to rip it all out and lay down new ply. Question now is, should we do 1/2 inch (well, 15/32 is all we can get now) ply over subfloor then 1/4 inch backboard then tile? Or, do we need 23/32 ply then backboard and then tile?

We are first time homeowners, this is not our forever home, we are not comfortable ripping out the subfloor. Please be kind!

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