OTR microwave - installation and tile backsplash

Nell H
3 days ago

Hi Houzzers - we have an OTR microwave in a kitchen remodel, and haven’t used them before so have a couple of questions.

(1) should the weight of the microwave sit on the mounting bracket, or the hangers from the cabinets? The installation instructions just say tight to cabinet.

(2) In the photo, you can see about a 1-inch gap between the wall and the back of the microwave unit. Is this normal for an OTR? I would have expected a face plate to cover this gap?

(3) The mounting bracket is clearly visible under the unit. I would have expected a clean line to run the tile up to, rather than an exposed bracket. Do we just tile up to that bracket, and live with seeing the mounting bracket all the time? Would love to see photos of how others have finished this section. We are using 3x9 subway tile.

Thank you!

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