Wall Oven - Bosch or Thermador

Tee F
7 days ago

We are getting a gas range (36” Wolf) for our house and then adding in an electric oven (so that we can have both electric and gas utilities).

The local appliance outlet store has a Thermador pro series for $3,800 (no dents just open box). https://www.thermador.com/us/products-list/ovens/wall-ovens/POD301W

The other ones we are looking at are the Bosch 800 series (about $2,600) or the Bosch Benchmark (side hinge) ($3,200) (https://www.lowes.com/pd/Bosch-Benchmark-Self-cleaning-True-Convection-Single-Ele/1000379143).

In terms of performance, what would you choose? This is the first time we get to pick our appliances. I cook and bake a lot, and have made do with sub-par stuff so I’m really excited to design a super functional cooking space. If the Thermador has noticeably better performance than Bosch, then the $600 premium is worth it. However, if it’s negligible and more about the name, then we’d go Bosch.

Any thoughts?

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