Different Christmas, but looking forward to it.

3 days ago
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I have hosted our family's Christmas celebration for about 20 years, since my Mom died and one of my sisters moved away. Between 12 and 18 people; family and always a few "strays and orphans." (A phrase our family coined, no offense intended.) I like doing it; I love to cook, bake and decorate for Christmas and I love to have a house full of people. It always turned into a giant two day sleepover and a good time was had by all.

My sisters and I made the sensible, but sad decision today, that it is not to be this year. We are all happy to give up one year's celebration to be able to look forward to many more.

That being said, I felt sad for a bit, but after talking to my daughters (who love Christmas like I do) and my DH (who likes the food and that's about it, but is always a good sport) we have decided to embrace this hopefully once in a lifetime, different celebration. Within our small circle, we will play more games, takes more walks, treat ourselves to whatever food we love, not that that feeds and caters to the multitudes. We can stay in our jammies all day, day drink without having to worry about preparing a meal or driving to pick up relatives, watch endless old family videos and sappy Christmas movies and just relax and be thankful for all that we have.

We have also taken on a much larger "Christmas Giving Project" than in years past. We've always chosen a specific way to give back at Christmas and have always enjoyed the choosing, the planning and the execution.

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