What bay window treatments can fit over baseboard heaters?

3 days ago


We recently bought a house with a bay window in the living room. The window looks out on the street, so we're trying to figure out what treatments to put in for some privacy. We'd be grateful for any input or advice. We've looked at many different options and are having a hard time finding a good solution.

The bay window has five panels and a bench (the photo is hiding the fifth window panel). Each window panel is 22 inches wide. The total opening of the bay window frame is about 132 inches.

Initially, our plan was to put in some curtains. We measured out for an extra-long curtain rod that would run on the wall above the windows. We were almost ready to hit send on an order for two extra-wide curtain panels to stretch across the whole space.

But here's the problem -- under the window is a hot water baseboard heater. The heater runs about 2/3 of the way across the bay window. We're worried that a curtain resting on top of a baseboard heater could pose a fire hazard.

What other options could we consider? We looked at a bunch of options for installing treatments on each individual window. The difficulty there is that the frames are nearly flush -- there's less than 1/2 cm of space inside the frames for each panel. That would seem to make it pretty difficult to install anything.

But there has to be something better than the cheap paper curtains from Home Depot, right?

Should we just install the curtains and cut them short? That would look weird but it would avoid coming into contact with the heater and posing any kind of fire hazard. That's the best we can figure this far, but have to imagine the real pros would have better ideas than us. Many thanks all!

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