Temporary (up to 2 year) kitchen--WWYD?

2 months ago

Ok some of you will cry from the picture ;) so try to be brave!

I could probably go up to $2k to make this space useable for the next 2 years or so. We are a family of 6 and for sure need more storage space (plus the fridge right now is down the hall which I'd hope to remedy!) I'm thinking some yard sale hutch, painted myself? SOMETHING for this fluorescent light? Any way to find a spot for my dishwasher or am I dreaming?

I've decided to have fun with this. Paint it myself, draw with sharpie, whatever--nothing is off limits and it's all temporary.

The less I spend the better.

What would you do?

(This is a photo from current residents, I won't get in for a few more months. To the right before the hallway is a stove. After that is a door to the fridge and laundry machine.)

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